Saturday, November 28, 2009


'The Pussycat Princess', created by Grace Drayton (1877-1936), one of the first female comics artists in the world, was serialized in the Turkish children's magazine Çocuk Sesi in 1936 under the title 'Prenses Sarmanın Serüvenleri' [The Adventures of Princess Sarman (a popular Turkish name given to cats)]. The above scan is of the first installement of the series published in no. 335, dated May 25th, 1936. With the next installement in the subsequent issue, the comics began to be reprinted in proper format without the superflous texts beneath the panels:

Drayton would unfortunately die of a heart attack in 1936, a year after she started 'the Pussycat Princess' which would be continued by other artists. The comics serialized in Çocuk Sesi date originally from 1935 and are by Drayton herself.
Drayton's 'Pussycat Princess' was also ran in Italy's I tre porcellini comics magazine in 1935.


Anonymous said...

if i had a bunch of small clippings of this cartoon in english would they be worth money?

Kaya Özkaracalar said...

They might indeed, depending on the condition and date.. go to ebay; in the categories, go to collectibles:comics:newspaper comics. list all items in that specific category and browse thru them, there are surely to be some clippings (of other strips) listed there. from them, you might get an idea how much yours might be worth.