Monday, October 11, 2010


Radio Fun was a British weekly magazine featuring comics based on popular radio shows and/or radio personalities. It was published between 1938-61 by Amalgated Press. Above scan is of the cover of no. 291 (dated May 6th, 1944). The "Big-Hearted Arthur" of the comics on the cover is Arthur Askey, a popular British radio comedian (who also had a subsequent film career). On the other hand, I couldn't find out what this interesting comics on the back cover was derived from:
Note the text beneath the first row of panels where the black character abases himself by saying "No fish will understand Coon Language." This comics is the work of leading British comics artist Roy Wilson (1900-1965), best remembered for the 'Chimpo's Circus' published on the covers of the short-lived Happy Days comics weekly from 1938-39:
note: above image of no.1 of Happy Days is scanned from Denis Gifford's The Complete Catalogue of British Comics (1985).


Dave Whit said...

As a collector of British comics and comics from the rest of the world I've been enjoying your blog for some time now.

You mention Stymie from Radio Fun. He was an American child actor named Matthew Beard, Jr. (January 1, 1925 – January 8, 1981) and was most famous for portraying the character of Stymie in the 'Our Gang' short films from 1930 to 1935.

You can read more information here-


Kaya Özkaracalar said...

Sorry for the late reply.. Much thanks for your kind words about my blog and for id'ing Stymie. Happy new year!