Monday, February 14, 2011


'Le professeur Globule contre le docteur Virus' was one of the fantastique oriented comics published in the war-time French comics weekly Gavroche. It debutted in no. 12 and lasted till the last issue (no. 66); the above scan is from no. 42 (dated Aug. 14th, 1941). The series was signed by Erik, the pseudonym of French comics writer and artist André-René Jolly (1912-74).
Gavroche was being published in Paris which was under German occupation and the Nazi occupation authorities were controlling the distribution of paper, which was in short supply due to war conditions, in favor of pro-Nazi publications. In 1942, Gavroche had to close shop together with several other French comics weeklies due to paper scarcity. Next year, a new comics magazine titled Le Téméraire emerged to fill the void with the support of the Nazis. André-René Jolly joined the team of this Nazi propaganda vehicle and introduced a 'new' comics series very similar to his earlier Prof. Globule vs Dr. Virus one titled as 'Le docteur Fulminate et le professeur Vorax'. One significant change was the fact that the antagonist in this new series was portrayed as a Jew...
Source of the info on Le Téméraire: 'Un illustré sous l’occupation' by Gilles Ragache

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