Friday, May 20, 2011


Miss Fury was one of the earliest masked heroines in comics - and the first one created by a female artist. June Tarpé Mills did not use her female-sounding first name when signing her work, but when Miss Fury, which debutted as a Sunday newspaper comics on April 6th, 1941, became a success, the true gender of her creater was eventually made public. Miss Fury's comics book series began in 1942 and lasted on a bi-/tri-annual period for 8 issues till 1945. You can view all the covers of this series here: (from which the above image was also pasted from); note that the covers of no. 4 and 5 feature evil Japanese, allies of Nazi Germany in the 2nd World War. Miss Fury comics series seem to be highly collectible items as all single issues available on ebay are offered for three- or four-digit figures!.. On the other hand, I could find one sample of the Sunday pages which indicate that the artwork was quite high-calibre:
Mills' comics work prior to 'Miss Fury' include the one-shot horror comics 'The Vampire' and the 'Daredevil Barry Flynn' series, both from Amazing Mystery Funnies*.
* Denis Gifford, The International Book of Comics (1988: W H Smith)

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