Tuesday, May 10, 2011


While researching for some other topic, I incidentally came across this startling World War 2 cover yesterday. It is no. 32 (dated June 1944) of Fight Comics published by Fiction House. Fight Comics had lasted for 86 issues between 1940-54. It was the second comics magazine put out by American publisher Fiction House who are better known with Jumbo which had featured Sheena, the first jungle girl hero in the comics medium.
Obviously encouraged by the popularity of Sheena, Fiction House had introduced a new jungle girl, named Tiger Girl, in Fight Comics no. 32 (hence the reason I went looking for this issue). Tiger Girl would also eventually be popular enough to grace the covers of most of the subsequent issues herself, one of my favorites being this later cover from no. 73 (dated March 1951):

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CoastConFan said...

Face it, Sheena was much better on the eyes (and book circulation) than some grubby NAZI.