Saturday, August 10, 2013


The above is a (slightly cropped, due to the size of my scanner) scan of the cover illustration of the no. 34, dated July 11, 1935, of the Turkish weekly children's magazine Afacan. These tiny dwarfs appear in several covers of Afacan between 1934-36. Most of the graphic material in these early issues of the magazine appear to originate from French sources, so there is a good chance that these illustrations might also be of French origin. If indeed so, perhaps Peyo (born in 1928) might have seen them in his early childhood?.. Of course, dwarves are a part of the European mythology/folklore and Peyo does not need to see these particular renditions to conceive of the smurfs, but if he had indeed seen them?..
If anyone can identify the original publication where these characters had first appeared, PLEASE let us know...


CoastConFan said...

Possibly, but the imagery is also available in early 1930s animated cartoons, primarily musicals. I can’t put my finger on the title, but it seems that there are a couple much like the still. Stylistically, it reminds me of the doodlings of Don Marquis, who illustrated his works in a quite similar manner in the ‘20s and ‘30s.

Nonetheless, I think the French would take issue with attributing the Smurfs to all but a highly Gallic source (whatever that might be). BTW, I am glad to see you back posting once again.

Kaya Özkaracalar said...

Thanks once again for welcoming me back